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A wind of change at TAPP,
the Gaspé lactofermentation company
par excellence.

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Quebec, October 27, 2021 - The Canadian leader in the field of organic sauerkraut and kimchi, the Gaspé company Les Produits Tapp, unveils its new brand image following the arrival of the second generation within the company.


After more than 25 years in the market, the company now moves to the hands of Julien Tapp, son of founders Sylvain and Élaine. Surrounded by his family, Julien plans to launch Les Produits Tapp beyond its present accomplishments by offering even more variety to their valued customers in the coming years: Les Produits Tapp are confident they can achieve their goals of reaching more people through education about the benefits of lacto-fermentation, and its sheer deliciousness, via social networks and word of mouth!  


“Who doesn't know kombucha these days? But besides this drink, did you know that there are hundreds of other ways to enjoy the benefits of lacto-fermentation in your diet? Tapp Products now regularly offer kimchi accented recipes and healthy ideas for incorporating sauerkraut into everyday meals in their publications,’ explains Julien Tapp.”


Wind in the sails for the next generation of food industry


The Tapp family has also embarked on a project to revitalize the company's image. They will soon unveil a new logo, a new slogan and a complete redesign of labels for all of their products.  They started with organic greenhouse tomatoes and cucumbers in 1988. However, the long cold winters of the Gaspé as well as the heating costs have meant that the greenhouse season for these vegetables was just too short. The new slogan, "From our land to your plate since 1995" takes us back to when the company founded by Sylvain Tapp and Élaine Côté realized they could achieve their dream of organic food production year round!


“We started to think about how we could produce year-round organic food without wasting winter. In a flash of inspiration, we discovered that lactofermentation was the solution to allow us to realize our dream of making a living from agriculture all year round (in the Gaspé). It was in the cellar of our family home on the tip of the Gaspé that we concocted our first sauerkraut, subsequently giving life to Tapp Products a few years later. »Mention Sylvain Tapp, founder of Tapp Products.


A story with local flavors


It is thanks to the dedication of Sylvain and Élaine that the company is where it is today. The outstanding duo have found the resources, inspiration and strength of character to build a company focused on local organic vegetables.  A feat made all the more as they started at a time when the term "organic" raised eyebrows and chuckles.  Pioneers of the organic movement and lacto-fermentation, they braved the storms to become what they are today: the largest producer-processor of organic vegetables in the country. The proverbial apples did not fall far from the tree, because their children, each with their strengths and, are ready to face the challenges as well as to ensure the longevity of the company in the era of this renewal. .


Where to find Tapp Products?

You can find Les Produits Tapp in many health food stores, supermarkets and chains such as IGA, Tau, Rachel Berri, Avril, as well as in independent stores. In the meantime, you can follow the Tapp family in the pages of Caribou Magazine and the magazine of the Ordre des diététistes et nutritionnistes du Québec (L’ODNQ). As for the new packaging, you will be able to see them on the shelves of a grocery store near you as of January 2022.


To know more

For more information or to schedule an interview, please contact Sylvain Tapp at 418-368-9062

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